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Part 3: Probiotics Supplements Understanding their importance – Optimal Colon Health

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that FLOURISH in a digestive tract that provides a nice clean pH balanced environment. The word probiotic actually means for life and when your colon is loaded with them, IT will experience the good life. But when theyre not present in ample numbers, colon problems can occur as a result.

Theres basically a microbe war that can occur in your colonbetween good bacteria and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the good guys. They help to digest and absorb nutrients especially minerals, they manufacture certain vitamins like b6 and b12, help reduce inflammation, and most importantly – they prevent the growth and proliferation of the bad guys.

The bad guys are anaerobic, proteolytic bacteria. They ferment and putrefy your food and the byproducts of fermentation are carcinogenic, toxic chemicals. These toxins cause self-poisoning or auto-intoxicationand are cited as a primary cause for the skyrocketing occurrence of colon cancerwhich now ranks as the 3rd most common form of cancer.

The game plan is to support & provide for the good army in the war of microbesyour probiotic bacteria. Supplementing with probiotics CAN be a great thing, but theres a right way to do that. If done incorrectly, some research suggests that these GOOD bacteria can actually morph into bad bacteria if the ENVIRONMENT is bad. So its important to give them a nice clean environment to live in. We strongly recommend conducting a good colon cleanse before taking any probiotic supplement for the first time.

When choosing a probiotic supplement, there are a few important considerations to note.

1. Get one with a wide strain of bacteria. You want lactobacillus AND bifidobacterium strains and the wider variety the better. Some reside in your small intestine and others in your colon.

2. Make sure that you are getting LIVE bacteria. This can be hard. There have been a lot of studies and audits performed on different brands of probiotics and many of the bottles tested contained dead bacteria, or less live microbes than the label stated. Probiotics are fragile heat and light can destroy them over time.

3. You want to take them on an empty stomach with either water or even better with greens and / or prebiotic fiber. These drinks dont induce the production of much stomach acidwhich can harm MOST probiotic supplements.

4. Take a LOT of them in the beginning! You cant take too many. I recommend 10 15 tablets per daystart right after cleansing, and continue for a few days. Once they begin to colonize, theyll take over from there. When theyre provided a nice, clean, pH balanced environment.

pHion Orange contains 7 different lactobacillus and bifido strains in a patented tableting process called GAB™ that coats and protects these fragile bacteria on the shelf AND even through stomach acid!

Remember when probiotics are present in large numbers, it will be REALLY difficult for the bad guys to get a foothold on your colon. So make sure to supplement with probiotics – like pHion Orange! Check out the complete Colon Health Pack –

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